In 2019, a team of KIFAD's interns worked together to compile a report on the barriers to education in the communities that the ECD center serves. They held meetings and focus groups with a variety of local stakeholders and leaders including teachers, head teachers, district education officers, community development officers, volunteers, and religious and political leaders. Through these discussions, they identified major barriers to sending children to school and educational retention, and shared possible solutions to combat the problem from both a systematic and community-driven standpoint. 


This report serves to educate communities and government leaders on what can be done to improve school attendance in Wakiso. 

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Vulnerability and Needs Assessment In Wakiso

To more intimately understand the families in Wakiso and the problems they face, interns at KIFAD conducted an ethnographic study of the vulnerabilities and needs of families in Kiwazzi and Bulabuluku villages. They conducted a vulnerability assessment to gauge the average and individual vulnerability levels of families in the area and subsequently followed up with a needs assessment. The needs assessment attempts to better understand what families are lacking and how they feel they can best help themselves in those respective areas. This information serves to improve aid interventions in the area and to help these families take agency in their own well-being. 

1 August, 2019

22 July, 2019

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Barriers to Education in Wakiso

29 November, 2019

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