It robs children of the right to grow up strong and healthy. It steals their time to play and denies them the chance to sit in a classroom and learn. 

“Childhood is the best time in ones’ life” – But a lot of children in our community cannot say that today. KIFAD works towards making this a reality for as many children as possible and you can help us to change this. 

Bring good news and hope with your donation to a child who has been waiting many months for a sponsor. 

Your contribution will be put towards providing education and we promise that every Dollar you give will go towards putting a smile on a child’s face and stars in their eyes.


The Government of Uganda recognized pre-primary education as the first stage of education for all children under 8 in the Education Act of 2008. 46% of children ages 0 to 8 in Uganda are not receiving this education. Sending a child to school still requires meeting certain school fees - including paying for a child's scholastic materials, uniforms, shoes, and food - which many low-income families cannot afford.


In rural areas like Wakiso, poverty can prevent families from sending their children to school. 42% of children in this district are engaged in some form of child labor. Children staying home from school to help with house work, care for siblings, or engage in other forms of labor miss a critical stage in their development. They often lack structured supervision, do not regularly socialize with other children, and do not have access to simple toys or books to provide mental stimulation.

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